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Dragon Age Game Review


Dragon Game was developed by BioWare a Canadian company that was established in 1995 by three medical doctors. It is now owned by Electronic Arts (EA) an American gaming company that is based in California.


Dragon Age video game review, is comprised of the 2009 Dragon Age Origins; the 2010 Dragon Age: Origins Awakening; the 2011 Dragon Age II, and the 2014 release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. 


Dragon Age: Origins presents gamers with a mountable battle where players can utilize their exceptional aptitude to annihilate enemies and gigantic creatures.  You are the last ancient guardian known as Grey Warden who must pursue your traitor and punish him for the atrocities as you attempt to save mankind. 


As a player you can combine different spells to produce prolific special effects. In addition, players can select the entities to form alliances with or slaughter instead with their power. The player’s selection of where he or she originates, defines who he or she is and where the voyage begins. Get ready for the evolution, with mind blowing graphics and the finest role playing.


Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is an expansion of the first with approximately twenty hours of action-packed adventures in Ferelden. There are new spells, with five new members, so players can either create new characters or continue with their selection from the Origin.


There is a revised combat system in Dragon Age II which players may have mixed feelings about. If you prefer the longer hours of Origin, you may be displeased with the shorter hours and some changes. However, it is still entertaining with Hawke the new hero.


Dragon Age: Inquisition redeems players’ faith in the series. It was unveiled in November, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4 and Microsoft Windows. It is very addictive, with amazing graphics, many hours of playtime and an explosive beginning. The story is about the Inquisitor who goes on journey to resolve the battles in Thedas and mend the hole in the sky that is an entrance for demons who terrorize the inhabitants.


The Inquisition combines features of the others games and building on the shortcomings of the Dragon Age II, BioWare, has developed a laudable sequel. It was nominated for many awards including Best Role-Playing and Game of the Year.


Want to have loads of stimulating and remarkable fun? Then Dragon Age game review is what you have been searching for. It is the ultimate and addictive fantasy-role video series that can satisfy your hunger for excitement.



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